Adam Streit, PMP is currently a Project Manager at Marine Systems Corporation (MSCorp), in Boston, MA. With an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Northeastern University, and a graduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island, Adam brings a diverse set of skills that enable him to systematically and pragmatically approach any problem. His technical business acumen allows him to move between both technical and non-technical circles with ease.

His professional interests include:

Adam is a member of the Transportation Research Board, the Project Management Institute, and the New England Railroad Club.

In addition to his professional interests, Adam is very fond of German & Japanese History. He has taken both undergraduate and graduate history level courses relating to both of these nations. His interests include:

Outside of academic and professional life, Adam loves to spend time with his wonderful wife Kristen, his amazing daughter Anna, and Eddie the family dog. When he's not reading his daughter a book or playing with her, he loves to read, travel, and play with his HO Gauge model train set. Click here to see pictures.